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E-Visa is already available in Kaliningrad
Citizens of 53 countries have henceforth rather unique opportunity to visit Kaliningrad region using e-visa

E- Visa application is free of charge and available via Internet. In fact, during the course of the first few hours after the service has been launched, the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs received more than 300 requests. 

Those foreign citizens, who use e-visa, can visit the region if they arrive to Russia via Chrabrovo airport, maritime entry points in Kaliningrad region, Baltiysk or Svetloe, motor vehicle crossing points in Bagrationovsk, Gusev, Mamonovo (Grzechotki and Gronowo), Morskoe, Pogranichny, Sovetsk and Chernyshevskoye and via rail crossing points Mamonovo and Sovetsk too. 

Moreover, Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications has implemented the project in close cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FSB and Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

The project participants strongly believe that the simplified entry available to foreign citizens in Kaliningrad region should enhance the attractiveness of Russia to both parties, tourists and potential investors.

Simplified entry should enhance the attractiveness of Russia to tourists and investors

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications has provided the information that earlier, back in 2017, such simplified visa regime had been implemented across the territory of Russian Far East Federal Area and more than 72 thousand individuals had used thenceforth the service due to its obvious advantages.

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