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Traditional Russian speciality
Indeed, Russia is the country with huge territory and rather long history. Various climatic and geographical conditions as well as numerous people inhabiting it significantly contributed to the development of Russian cuisine. When planning your visit to Russia, do not forget to put on your list to try the main and favourite dishes of this country.

1. Pelmeni

This dish appeared about 6 centuries ago in the Urals. They are molded from unleavened dough based on flour, eggs, and water, whereas a mixture of minced meat (beef, pork, and chicken) is stuffed inside. The process of pelmeni molding is a tradition in many families. When the family gathers by the big table, the landlady rolls out the dough and cuts it in certain portions and the rest of the siblings are engaged with stuffing and forming of pelmeni. Usually, they are prepared for the future use – some will be boiled in salted water with some of spices, and the rest will be frozen and stored. Usually one can eat them, seasoning with butter or sour cream.

2. Schi (cabbage soup)

Usually this soup is made of sauerkraut with brine or with some sorrel leaves. The cooking process of this dish is quite simple – pre-pealed vegetables are thrown into hot water and boiled until cooked. Sometimes landlady pre-fries some onions with carrots and stew cabbage up to a soft condition.

3. Sturgeon

Dishes made of this fish are still relatively expensive, yet, in previous years they were only available at the feasts of the nobility. The entire fish is being baked, stuffed with vegetables, or aspic can also be made from it. Mind you, sturgeon is also the main source of black caviar.

4. Jellied minced meat (kholodets)

It takes quite a long time to cook – more than six hours. In order to do so, parts of the animal (usually pig) with the largest amount of gelling substances (legs, ears, tail) are used, pieces of meat (pork, beef, chicken) can be also added, as long as they are suitable for human consumption. Then, the broth is poured into plates, boiled and cut into small pieces meat is sinked into it. Finally, the dish is stored in a cold place to thicken.

5. Vinaigrette

Certainly, it is the great dish for vegetarians. Boiled potatoes, beetroots and carrots are being cut into small pieces, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers, pickled green peas or beans are added, seasoned with fragrant sunflower (or other) oil.

6. Bliny (pancakes)

Practically, these are traditional Russian "pastries" made of thin fried dough. In the old days, it was traditional to cook them only during the Shrovetide period, but these days pancakes are made much more often, even providing them a different colour by adding different products – spinach, beets, etc. They can be served with honey, sour cream, jam.

7. Pickles

Due to the harsh climate of Russia, the stocking preparation for the winter was accepted and well spread. There are fermented fruits and vegetables, salted fish and meat, dried mushrooms and herbs. In such form, these products were stored for a long time and then used as a separate dish or an ingredient.

Discover for yourself that Russia is not only a huge but also a very tasty country!

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