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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Russian visa cost?

Depending on your citizenship, the type of visa, the processing time, do you have a visa invitation and medical insurance or not, Russian visa will cost anywhere between 100 and 200 euros.

Why do you physically need my passport?

The visa itself is a special sticker, which applied into the passport. Therefore, we physically need your passport in order to bring it to the consulate/embassy while applying for Russian visa.

How does the visa application process on your website works?

Please be aware that it is vitally important that you answer all of the questions that we have prepared for you, once you choose your country and the type of visa. You will be guided through every question to make sure all answers are correct.

What documents, in particular, am I required to provide for my visa?

In order to get Russian visa all you need is a valid passport and a picture. Other documents such as medical insurance, visa invitation and visa application will be provided by GetRussianVisa.com

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Double entries

It is important to know, while planning your trip to Russia, how many times you plan on crossing the border. Your double entry visa is only going to be issued in case you are visiting states neighbouring Russia (e.g. China, Mongolia) and in order to return have to cross Russian territory again.