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5 most famous Russian characters in American cinema
Probably, many people have noticed that Russian characters in most American films have an unpleasant biography or engage in various illegal activities. You can find positive heroes among them very seldom.
Let us recall the most outstanding movie characters “from Russia” that have left indelible impressions in our memory.

Lev Andropov, “Armageddon”

Surely, nobody argues that the whole plot and intrigue of the film is “tied” to Bruce Willis. Yet, hardly anyone can forget the masterpiece character – colonel Lev Andropov, who longs and grows a beard at the Mir space station. Being drunk and looking as stereotype mind set about Russians – dressed in a hat with ear flaps, dirty t-shirt with a red star and a padded jacket, the hero of Peter Stormar, however, behaves like a real superhero. He readily provides a helping hand to the Americans, "repairs" a complex dashboard with precise wrench strokes, and helps, as a result, to save the planet.

Boris The Blade, “Snatch”

Probably you have already noticed that where Guy Richie is, there are Russians. Thanks to the brilliant acting game of Rade Sherbedgia, Boris became a real “calling card” of the film. The hero is engaged in the arms trade and is eager to get a big diamond. He deftly uses the Russian filthy language in the right places, Russian musical instrument balalaika plays during his scenes, and legends are spreading about his resistance to bullets. Many of his quotes have become catchwords and still in use.

Ivan Drago, “Rocky”

Soviet heavyweight boxer Ivan Drago, who was realistically played by Dolph Lungren, arrives in the United States as a “Russian death machine”, intending to kill all opponents around the ring. Thereby he kills world champion Creed. His friend Rocky does not give up and decides to challenge Ivan. As a result, we feel sorry for Drago. After all, even compatriots in fur coats and hats with earflaps, who during the decisive battle with Rocky begin to chant the name of an American, turn away from him.

Ivan Danko, “Red Heat”

Despite the weak Russian language and ridiculous pronunciation, Schwarzenegger's hero looks very realistic and attracts the love of the audience. This role can be surely called as one of the best of the Austrian bodybuilder. Police captain arrives from Moscow to Chicago to deal with the Russian mafia. The film’s hero is rather laconic, but this does not stop him from making friends with his American partner, played by James Belushi.

Natasha Romanova (Romanoff), “The Avengers”

We definitely do not know how this Russian woman became an agent of the American special services. Therefore, she cannot be called a traitor. One can only admire the intelligence, dexterity, strength, incredible feminine beauty and charisma of this heroine. Natasha is a hacker, an expert in martial arts and polyglot. At the same time, it is impossible to look away from the pretty face, bright hair and the perfect figure of Scarlett Johansson, dressed in a black leather suit, completely fitting her body. Real superhero!

Russian heroes in American films have been and remain favorite and memorable to the audience and cause a whole range of emotions from laugh to admiration.

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