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Russia is the coldest country
It’s very interesting that Russia is not only the largest country, but also the coldest one. The cold pole is also here in the Oymyakon Depression, which is in Yakutia, but not in another part of the Arctic, as many people may think. Russia holds the second place (after Antarctica with permafrost) at the average annual temperature of 5.5 °C below zero. For comparison, such temperatures are in Finland –1.5 °C above zero, in Canada – 4.4 °C below zero (average over the territory), and the average for the populated area of Canada – 5.8 °C above zero).

Tough reality

Despite this, the country's climate is very diverse. This is explained by the fact that Russia is located in several climatic zones. Thus, the temperature difference between the north and south can be up to 45-50 degrees. Another interesting observation of scientists to be highlighted is that it becomes colder not only from south to north, but also from west to east. That is to say, the farther it is from the oceans and the deeper into the continent, the colder it gets.

Winter here is very beautiful and fascinating with all shades of white and blue, plenty of snow, bright sunny weather. However, the charm quickly disappears from the realization of fact that it can last for 6-7 months.

We also note that only a third of the country’s territory is efficient, that is, suitable for normal people functioning. Roughly speaking, the one where human life is possible without additional accessories for heating — some kind of heating system, warm clothes, etc. If a person does not have an access to these, but happens to be at the territory of the remaining two-thirds of the country, the chances of being frozen to death are pretty high.

Despite the fact that Russia is approximately at the same latitude as Canada, the climate here is much harsher and tougher. This can be explained by the fact that warm Pacific cyclones significantly affect the weather of the Americas. Therefore, the climate is milder whereas winters are warmer and shorter here.

Some “cold” facts
In below, there a few relatively cold facts:

  • Russia has the largest number of Arctic seas and islands (compared to other countries).
  • The permafrost zone here is more than 60% (Far East and Siberia).
  • About 1.5 million people live in the Arctic Circle (this is one fifth of the country's territory), which is several times more than the number of people living in such region in other countries.
  • In some Yakutia’s cities, snow doesn’t melt for about 200 days per year.
  • In the middle of the 18th century, it was so cold in Petersburg that scientists decided to conduct an experiment – they dropped a thermometer with mercury into the snow. Substance was frozen. Thus, the mercury solidification temperature was determined, and it was determined that it was still a metal.
  • Russia has more climatic zones than any other country. In particular 4 of them – from the Arctic to the Subtropical.
  • Discover Russia! Do travel over here, admire its nature, meet amazing people and please do not be afraid of the cold!

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